October 19-22, 2018 Salta, Argentina

74th General Assembly

Inter American Press Association

74th General Assembly

Inter American Press Association


Bob Woodward

Journalist, writer. Editor of The Washington Post.

Daniel Santoro

Periodista, escritor. Subsecretario del diario Clarín.

Daniel Bramatti

He is Editor at O Estado de Sao Paulo and President of the Brazilian Association of Investigative Journalism.

Carla Zanoni

Director of Audiences at The Wall Street Journal, New York.

Ricardo Luis Lorenzetti

Ministro de La Corte Suprema de la Argentina.

Diego Cabot

Periodista, escritor. Redactor de La Nación.

Daniel Hadad

Founder and Owner of Infobae and Infobae America.

The future of interactive technology and its impact on social evolution

Being aware of the impact of technology on our communities, remaining at the forefront of the sector and preserving the relationship with the audience, is not only a great challenge to the press, but also to the political leaders and businessmen worldwide.

A total of 8,400 newspapers are printed around the world with a circulation of more than one thousand million copies; one every six inhabitants on this planet, a third of this figure, represents the Americas.

As key agents of the symbolic construction of our continent, the proposal of IAPA is to create the conditions necessary to address this shared idea at the 74th General Assembly.


Salta, Argentina: A unique place.

Founded in 1582, this city preserves its Spanish colonial architecture and its Andean heritage. Salta “The Beautiful” is the capital city of the province under the same name, and is located at the foot of the Andes Mountain Range. The Wine Route portrays Fine Spinning from high altitude regions and Andean Silverware.

The aridity of the Puna desert and its salt flats, the lush vegetation of the rainforest in the east, valleys and gorges, mountains, natural reservoirs and waterbodies make the ideal scenery to do all kinds of adventure tourism, such as ATV ride, bird watching, photographic safari, horse rides, paragliding, rafting and sport fishing (particularly Dorado fishing).