October 19-22, 2018 Salta, Argentina

74th General Assembly

Inter American Press Association

74th General Assembly

Inter American Press Association


The Seminar, the Assembly and the Declaration of Salta will bring together important figures in Argentina. Therefore, we should extend the invitation to students and future journalists to broaden their knowledge and experience by attending the workshops that will take place in parallel with the Assembly, and also to participate of some activities held in common.

This university extension programme will be coordinated by the Argentine Catholic University (UCA for its acronym in Spanish) and the Catholic University of Salta (UCASAL for its acronym in Spanish), and will extend the invitation to other national and regional universities.

Viernes, 19 de octubre

2:30 - 3:15

Fake news: what journalism schools does?
Aurelio Collado, Technological Institute of Monterrey- Mexico; Úrsula Freundt, UPC-Peru; María Helena Vivas López, Universidad de Antioquia- Colombia; Octavio Islas University of the Hemisphere-Ecuador
Los Sauces room

3:30 - 5:50

Google News Labs: Advanced information search,verification of information and sources
The use of operators for advanced search, image validation tools, examples of other newsrooms to validate sources, creation of information alerts, security associated with the handling of information and email accounts. Search of papers and academic information and use of translation tools.
Juan Manuel Lucero, News Labs Leader for Argentina Los
Sauces room

  • University Extension Department